Grant to help food security

AS a way to assist clients’ rapid reliance on emergency relief services, Bankstown Women’s Health Centre (BWHC) is developing a ‘Plan 2 Plate’ initiative after receiving a grant from Canterbury Bankstown Council for $7,500.

“Plan 2 Plate aims to improve participants’ food security through acquiring diverse ingredient knowledge, cooking methods and financial management skills to reduce the poverty cycle and heavy reliance on food handouts,” BWHC CEO Mariam Mourad said.
“For the past three years that BWHC has been delivering the Foodshare program, there has been a high demand for the service.
“However we have noted the high volume of CALD community members accessing the food parcels, which often contain standard staples and rarely include staples used by those communities, for example lentils, spices and legumes.”
Addressing one of the South West Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) priorities being Food Security, ‘Plan 2 Plate’ aims to improve the health and welling of the population, with greater health literacy and self-care.
“We will purchase staples regularly used by CALD communities,” Ms Mourad said.
“Before giving out staples, participants will take part in cooking class sessions to learn ways to cook with those ingredients.
“We may use one ingredient to cook multiple cost effective dishes suitable for large families or to store in the freezer for later meals.
“They will also learn how to replace quick fix children’s meals with healthy snacks, for example having a colourful fruit platter ready at the table when children come home from school.
“We’re planning that Foodshare becomes complementary, not a dependency, to what is consumed each week.”