Dining Out

Grab tasty snack or coffee while on run


ALREADY receiving compliments about his coffee, speedy service, tasty treats and convenient location, The Local Espresso Bar owner Mitch Douglass only opened his cafe three weeks ago.


The successful restaurateur said he believed the area needed an eatery focused on quick service with drinks, snacks and meals that you could eat on the run or in the car.
“We also want to give back to the community and on our opening day, offered free coffee for a gold coin donation which we gave to the Children’s Hospital,” he said.
“When summer sport gets underway, we will also be looking to sponsor teams from in and around Georges Hall, and have reached out to Georges Hall Public offering our support as well.”
Mitch said he would be trialling different menu items to see what appealed to the local multicultural population.
“We have halal, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options and everything is made freshly daily including all the pastries,” he said.
Rotating flavours on a regular basis, the menu includes pastries such as croissants, pain au chocolate, bagels, sourdough toasts, bircher and granola bowls, classic pies and sausage rolls, and sweets such as donuts, banana bread and butterbing cookies.
For lunch, there’s sandwich classics like ham and cheese, teriyaki chicken, pastrami, chicken avocada, tuna and egg lettuce mayo plus salad bowls comprising teriyaki chicken, mayo chicken, salmon and avocado.
Beverages include milkshakes, grab and go juices, teas, iced coffee, affogato and frappe plus the full suite of piping hot Allpress coffees (roasted locally) including espresso, cappucino, flat white, latte, long black, piccolo, ristretto, macchiato, chai latte and baby chino as well as hot chocolate and hot milo.
It’s open Monday to Friday, 6am-3pm, and Saturday, 7am-12pm.

The Local Espresso Bar,
Shop 3/7 Eldon Avenue,
Georges Hall.
Ph: 0456 881 000.