Goods & Bads


• “WE are so happy to have our Torch back, we really missed it and all of our local news,” – a comment echoed by many readers to Torch staff since the paper got back underway last week after a six week break due to Covid-19.

• YESTERDAY was Australia’s first ‘Thank a First Responder Day’ but it’s not too late to create a message of thanks and share it on social media, just used #TAFRD or #ThankaFirstResonder, or visit

• THOUSANDS of residents checked out the new $50m Bunnings Padstow at 88 Fairford Road on the weekend after it threw open its doors on Saturday and welcomed 130 new staff who join 31 existing team members who transferred to the new warehouse. The store offers customers contactless shopping options, including Drive and Collect and Click and Deliver.

• WE did not like Premier Gladys Berijiklian’s plans to freeze the scheduled 2.5 per cent salary increase for frontline workers, including nurses, police, teachers, paramedics and train crews, but are happy workers received a peace offering made to their unions on Sunday night which would see them receive a one-off $1,000 stimulus payment expected to cost $200 million but save the Government $3 billion in funds to be reinvested in public projects.

• AFTER reports the pandemic was fuelling racist abuse, a multimedia campaign has launched to target hate and xenophobia including online abuse. Attorney General Mark Speakman said: “Stopping the spread of Covid-19 has required everyone to make enormous sacrifices. But the challenges we’ve faced are never an excuse for racism and scapegoating.” More info at

• REVESBY resident Malcolm Baikie says it’s great that Covid-19 restrictions are easing but questions two of the latest directives. “If I pass away, 50 people can come to my funeral but if I get married, only 20 people can come. Why?”

• VEGA Street, Revesby, residents Ruth and Bob found a smashed mobile phone out the front of their place and took it to a phone shop where the staff were able to trace its phone number and contacted the owner who turned up at Ruth and Bob’s to collect the phone with a big bunch of flowers. “My mother certainly wasn’t expecting it, not thinking anyone would want a damaged phone back, and was thrilled when they turned up with the flowers as a thank you,” daughter Jeanette said.


• AS students headed back to school it was really disappointing to see drivers disregarding the 40kmh limits. One mum says she was horrified to see cars roaring past her local school: “Police and council need to be out catching these idiots.”

• A CONDELL Park reader is urging drivers is to think and look around before flinging open their doors. “This woman swung her car door open and then looked surprised to see cars having to swerve to avoid her,” she said. Some roads get really narrow, especially when cars are parked on either side of the road and a little bit of thought goes a long way.”

• A LAKEMBA and an Earlwood driver were among three who lost their licences after they were caught driving at more than 45kmh above the speed limit in the Royal National Park at Sutherland on Sunday. The Lakemba driver, 19, was detected travelling at 109kmh in the 60 kmh zone, and allegedly overtaking another vehicle in the same direction, while crossing double unbroken lines. The Earlwood driver, 34, was detected travelling at 127kmh in the 60kmh zone.

• POLICE are seeking help from the public to identify a man who allegedly robbed a ride share driver in Punchbowl. About 6.40am on Monday, May 25, the driver picked up a fare in Cullens Road. A man jumped in the back seat and accused the driver of being late. An argument ensued, with the driver demanding the man get out of the car. The man punched the driver in the face. He then grabbed a dash mounted camera and left on foot. He was last seen walking in a northerly direction towards Canterbury Road.