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• A GREENACRE grandmother wants to thank the kind young dad who helped her fold up a “new-fangled” pram on a day out with her new grandchild. “I told my daughter to stay and have a coffee with her husband and I would take the baby home to their place, but then I had no clue how the stupid pram worked,” she said. “I was almost in tears when this nice young guy stopped and showed me a clip I had missed. I am so grateful. I would have still been there when my daughter came out otherwise.”

• GOOD luck to the thousands of HSC students who began their written exams yesterday. ”I know the final year of school was not what the Class of 2020 had in mind, yet the resilience of HSC students in the face of uncertainty, has been extraordinary and I am incredibly proud of what this cohort has achieved,” Minister for Education, Sarah Mitchell, said.

• PUNCHBOWL resident Evelyn Hearne would like to thank station staff at Moss Vale, Macarthur, Revesby and Riverwood, who all helped her invalid husband on and off the carriages and platforms on Wednesday, October 7, in the late afternoon. “We are so appreciative; I can’t tell you what a difference it made to our day, thank you so much to all of those kind staff,” Mrs Hearne said.

• THERE haven’t been very many positives out of the pandemic but one reader says working from home have given her more appreciation of the animals, birds, reptiles and even insects which inhabit her garden. “I’ve taken to sitting outside on the verandah to work when the weather is nice and I’m amazed at how many little ‘dramas’ take place each day,” she said. “I watched this big blue tongue lizard trying to hunt down a much smaller skink. I honestly wasn’t sure whose side I was on, but I couldn’t stop watching.”

• THOUGH thrilled that Bankstown is going up in the world with the new ‘vertical’ university campus, Bankstown resident Mrs Hanlon is concerned about whether the parking provision will be adequate, given that there will be 10,000 staff alone. “It’s not practical to expect everyone to get a train into Bankstown; more parking is essential.”

• THE NSW Government will partner with Telstra to provide a $328 million internet upgrade to more than 2,000 public schools across NSW. The funding will see internet speeds increase more than tenfold and roll out more than 5,200km of fibre. Minister for Education, Sarah Mitchell, said NSW public school students would now have the fastest internet access for a public education system in the country.

• PADSTOW Heights Probus has recommenced meeting at Revesby Workers’ Club on the first Tuesday of the month, from 11am, with a two-course lunch for $21 a person and finishing around 1.30pm. There will be a Melbourne Cup luncheon on November, 3, so if retired or semi-retired and looking for fun and friendship with like-minded men and women, come along and join in the funniest or fanciest hat competition. RSVP Tony on 0414 769 429 or padstowheightsprobus@outlook by October 29 for catering purposes.

• HAPPY that he was asked to sign-in, a Revesby reader was not impressed though with at least 30 people in a fast food restaurant in Revesby at 1.50pm last Thursday, that were not social distancing. “It was great to see the staff wearing masks and gloves but none of the other customers were taking our Covid crisis seriously,” he said.


• A REGULAR swimmer is wondering why ‘scheduled maintenance’ at the Birrong Pool could not have been done while swimming centres were shut down at the start of the pandemic. “This is the perfect time to swim,” he said. “It’s not too hot or too cold and there are not hordes of people trying to cool off. Why close it down now when they had all that time earlier on to do whatever they needed to do.”

• A CONDELL Park resident says she is fed up with the “rapidly increasing” number of stray cats. “Our gardens are full of cats, and the council doesn’t care,” she said. “It’s out of control. They need to do something. You can’t step anywhere in the garden for all the cat poop and their screeching wakes you up in the middle of the night. Something needs to be done.” 

• DISTURBED after finding a headless snake in her backyard, a reader thinks it must have fallen foul of a cat and wanted to remind everyone that with the weather warming up, more snakes might be on the move. “It’s a bit scary,” she said. “I only hope my dog doesn’t decide to try to take one on.”

• DRIVING around Sydney is frustrating enough without impatient and inconsiderate drivers ‘queue jumping’ says a fed-up Condell Park worker. “If traffic is banked up for a turnoff, then just wait like everyone else,” she said. “I’m sick of idiots pulling up near the front of the line of traffic, flicking on their indicator for two seconds and then expecting you to let them in. It’s even worse when they cut in front after you leave a gap for other traffic to cross at intersections. Just thoughtless.”

• A LITTLE rain was welcomed in most gardens over the weekend but a reader was astonished to see one person standing holding an umbrella in one hand and a hose in another. “Why on earth would you water the lawn in the rain?” he asked. “It wasn’t that long ago that we were heading to tighter water restrictions, and there is still plenty of drought in some areas of the State.”

• A REGULAR dog walker says she is seeing a lot of so-called ‘pandemic pets’. “Some people really don’t have a clue,” she said. “Dogs are a lot of work and simply yelling at them doesn’t help. Put in the effort to train them before you take off the lead. It takes effort to build that relationship, and there are too many people who are just realising that the cute puppy they got in March now needs some real training. Join a dog club or at get some advice from a qualified trainer, but stop blaming the dog.”

• A GEORGES Hall reader with serious health issues, is pleading for everyone to wear face masks correctly. “I keep seeing people with the mask covering just their mouth, and leaving their nose sticking over the top,” he said. “I know its not comfortable but it’s pointless otherwise. You also can’t simply reuse disposable masks. Please do the right thing, the life you save could be mine.”

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  • Hi Torch

    Not sure if this would be of interest for the Good / Bad section. Its simply about two dumped rubbish issues.

    1. The rubbish is in the bush area known as Virginius Reserve, which sits between Virginius Street Padstow and Centaur Street Revesby. It has been there at least since late June this year. About a 2 & 1/2 minute walk along a beaten track deep into the bush there is a clearing which unfortunately has become an area scattered by general rubbish. The rubbish consists mainly of discarded plastic bottles and cans, fast food wrappings and some broken chairs. It apears to have been a regular meering place because someone has set up an old outdoor garden setting with glass top table and chairs, some intact and some broken. One interesting item commonly referred to as a ‘bong’, a filtration smoking device, has been seen on the table. Although the area cant be seen from outside of the bush, it does represent an ugly site inside the otherwise natural reserve. CB Council have been informed via online and telephone.

    2. A discarded large water heater cyclinder currently lies on the nature strip in Hydrae Street, Revesby (outside No.67). Its initial presence would not normally create concern however it has been there at least since 18 July this year. It could be a minor danger to vehicles or pedestrians as it sits on the crest of the grassed area, and could roll in either direction. The CB Council has been informed via online and telephone.

    If the Torch is interested in reporting the items, I could be happy to check that both rubbish sites still existed prior to printing. ASlso, if it helps I have photos.