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• BANKSTOWN Cricket Club player Nathan McAndrew is making his mark in the BBL with the Sydney Thunder this season, taking 11 wickets in the eight innings he has played. The 27-year-old fast bowler, who is in his first full season contract with the NSW Blues, says working with bowling coach Andre Adams and having a full professional pre-season has “definitely helped” his on-field performance.

• YOUNG peopled, aged six to 12, can unleash their inner dancer at the Bindi Bosses Dance and Storytelling workshop on offer at Bankstown Arts Centre on Wednesday, January 20, 11am-12.30pm. Learn fancy footwork and cool grooves from three different genres – Kollywood (Tamil), Bollywood (Hindi) and North Indian Folk Dance for just $5. Tickets are available via eventbrite.

• WITH the restrictions announced around attendance at sporting matches, including the soccer and the SGC test match, it was noted that if Rookwood residents were to turn up anywhere it would be particularly worrisome. “Given that Rookwood is largely a cemetery, if they show up at the cricket it is one sure sign that the zombie apocalypse is already underway,” a reader said.

• THE Art Club on Chapel holds children and adults’ art classes (drawing and painting) at St Paul’s Anglican Church Bankstown on Thursdays. Details: Bing, 0414 011 461.

• A BIG thank you to the lovely reader who dropped in an envelope containing about 420 used postage stamps to the Torch office after seeing it mentioned in this column last month. A Torch spokesperson said it was a lovely surprise and the donated stamps will be passed on to Uniting Church of Australia, Synod of NSW and ACT Stamp Committee which uses them to help their fundraising efforts.

• A CONDELL Park worker wants to thank the lovely youngster who picked up her walking stick which she dropped while trying to also juggle an incoming phone call and a shopping basket. “I was standing there trying to make myself understood through the mask and suddenly found myself without enough hands,” she said. “I ended up having to go outside to take the call and by the time I came back, the child and his dad were gone but they were very sweet to help me and it was very much appreciated.”

• REVESBY’S Mrs Christie wants to thank Padstow Library’s Ruth for her valuable assistance: “On Friday I purchased a new phone, all my many things got transferred over and I was very happy. Then I went to listen to my audible on loan from the library to find it had disappeared. I was immediately in panic mode until I remembered the great help I received from Ruth at the library when I first borrowed an audible book. So how lucky was I that Ruth answered my call; she guided me through the process of relocating my book and  thanks to her, all was sorted. What an asset to our council library is Ruth.”

• CANTERBURY Bankstown Council is bringing Australia’s favourite collective that delivers Totem skateboarding events and workshops across Australia to Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre carpark on Friday, January 22. Don’t miss this awesome clinic to learn new skills on a skateboard this summer. Keep an eye out on Totem’s website ( for details on how to register.


• THOUSANDS of people were unable to check in at venues across NSW on Thursday after a statewide outage on the State Government’s Service NSW app, with NSW Labor pushing for a contingency plan. State MP for Canterbury and Shadow Minister for Better Public Services, Sophie Cotsis, said the crash was very concerning: “It’s only been a week since businesses were required to use the Service NSW QR code system … once again the   NSW Government has been ill-prepared. This is unacceptable.”

• FRUSTRATED residents in Georges Hall and Revesby Heights say idiots letting off illegal fireworks need to be stopped. While one reader said he was sick and tired of the almost nightly light shows, another says she will turn the hose on anyone she catches tossing the ‘bangers’ into her yard and wondered where they were sourcing them. “I do wish they would stop because it’s very annoying,” she said.

• A BEVERLY Hills caller says it’s past time the council removed an unregistered ute which has been parked in Jordan Avenue since early November and billed the owners. Rangers did attach a removal notice to the windscreen but it was later removed and more than six weeks later, the ute is still there. The caller said the vehicle’s number plates have been removed, it has accident damage and parts have been stripped from it. Not only that, but the vehicle’s rear tray is filled with rubbish and dirt and is growing a very large crop of grass.

• MORE than a few people need to take some time to find out how to wear a face mask properly, says a Georges Hall reader. “I was at Bass Hill Plaza and saw too many people not wearing any mask and others had them under their nose or even under their chin which completely defeats the purpose,” she said.

• SOME hand sanitisers are better than others, not just in their effectiveness but also the way they smell. “I used one of the automated sanitisers at a shopping centre and had to go to the toilets and wash it off almost immediately because it stank so badly,” a caller from Condell Park said. “It actually made me feel physically sick. Surely after almost a year of living with Covid-19 there are supplies of not quite so offensive sanitiser available.”

• THE tiny outside free book exchange stands are a great idea to encourage reading however one person was spotted removing all the books and putting them into a shopping bag. “The idea is that you take one or two books and then either replace them or put in a new one,” a visitor to Panania said.

• MOST people are addicted to their mobile phones and their inability to disconnect could be endangering their health, a Monash University study shows. The Australia-first study, measuring nomophobia (no mobile phone phobia) and its consequences, shows 99.2 per cent of users have some fear of being without their phone. And for 13.2 per centre of the population, their level of nomophobia is severe – leading to an increased risk of dependence and dangerous use. 

• IT seems the State Government is up to its old tricks again, delaying refunding the M5 Cashback toll (less 10 per cent) for the September-December 2020 quarter. “It took them nearly a month to refund the toll for the last quarter and I’d like to know whether they intend to pass onto road users the interest earned on those weeks as well as this most recent quarter,” a Bankstown commuter said. “There is legislation to protect this refund policy thanks to former NSW Premier Bob Carr and it is not right that they hang onto the refunds until enough people complain.”

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  • Hi Torch

    Not sure if this would be of interest for the Good / Bad section. Its simply about two dumped rubbish issues.

    1. The rubbish is in the bush area known as Virginius Reserve, which sits between Virginius Street Padstow and Centaur Street Revesby. It has been there at least since late June this year. About a 2 & 1/2 minute walk along a beaten track deep into the bush there is a clearing which unfortunately has become an area scattered by general rubbish. The rubbish consists mainly of discarded plastic bottles and cans, fast food wrappings and some broken chairs. It apears to have been a regular meering place because someone has set up an old outdoor garden setting with glass top table and chairs, some intact and some broken. One interesting item commonly referred to as a ‘bong’, a filtration smoking device, has been seen on the table. Although the area cant be seen from outside of the bush, it does represent an ugly site inside the otherwise natural reserve. CB Council have been informed via online and telephone.

    2. A discarded large water heater cyclinder currently lies on the nature strip in Hydrae Street, Revesby (outside No.67). Its initial presence would not normally create concern however it has been there at least since 18 July this year. It could be a minor danger to vehicles or pedestrians as it sits on the crest of the grassed area, and could roll in either direction. The CB Council has been informed via online and telephone.

    If the Torch is interested in reporting the items, I could be happy to check that both rubbish sites still existed prior to printing. ASlso, if it helps I have photos.