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• A HUGE garage sale will be held this Saturday, June 26, at 23 Cahors Rd Padstow, 9.30am-4pm, with lots of bargains on offer. All proceeds will go towards helping battlers in the community. Details: 9774 5452.

• NINJA Warrior Australia returned to our screens on Channel Nine on Sunday night with mind-blowing new obstacles and the dark shadow of Mt Midoriyama looming over the hopes of the new line-up numbering over 200 and including Revesby’s Khaled Mahmoud, Campsie’s Darcy Elliston and Chester Hill’s Simon Duff – all seeking to be crowned champion and take home the $100,000 pot. Good luck, guys!

• JOIN the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce for a great discussion with key stakeholders including special guest Melinda Pavey, Minister for Water, Property and Housing, in the Grand Ballroom at Bankstown Sports on Tuesday, July 20, from 6pm. Find out how we can best leverage government-owned land and property to deliver better outcomes for NSW. With a meal provided and plenty of networking opportunities, you can register at

• CHESTER Hill Neighbourhood Centre’s Be Connected Training (computer classes) is held every Wednesday and Thursday at Chester Hill Neighbourhood Centre, 89 Waldron Road, 10am-12pm. Sessions include practice computer skills, online banking, social media and much more. For enquiries and bookings, email or call 9645 3700.

• CANTERBURY Earlwood Community Centre is excited to host two days of school holiday fun for 11 to 14-year-olds in the Canterbury and Hurlstone Park area on Tuesday, June 29 and July 6. For $10 a child, a day of activities is on offer and lunch is provided. To book, email Tri at or call 9559 4013.


• URGING the police and relevant authorities to step in, residents report a man has been sleeping rough on Waterloo Road, Greenacre, outside the pizza shop. “He has been there for a couple of months and recently, the police escorted him away and we breathed a sigh of relief hoping they had found him some accommodation,” one said. “But he was back in the same spot after two days but with a blanket and suitcase. This was an improvement since before that he just had a bit of cardboard to sleep under. We are hoping that a kind organisation is able to rescue him from this situation soon.”

• SPEEDING fines have increased by an astonishing 1,599 per cent in NSW in what’s been labelled a ‘cash grab’. Fines have exploded in NSW since authorities stopped warning motorists about speed cameras, according to an opposition analysis. From an average of 1,634 fines handed out a month over a six-year period ending last year, NSW officials handed out more than 27,000 speeding tickets in March.

• IT’S not just the Condell Park Public parents jaywalking outside of the school that you have to watch out for, a motorist says. “A woman with a car full of children stopped in the middle of the street on Edgar Street while she appeared to reply to a text,” the reader said. “Doesn’t she realise she will still be booked, whether the car is stationary or not? This is such a worry; maybe these parents need a road rule lesson.”

• RAIN has again caused the postponement of the East Hills Charity Car Show planned for last Sunday, June 20, at Kelso Oval in Panania. However, it has been rescheduled for Sunday, July 18. “We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope to see you on Sunday, July 18,” show organiser Glen Waud said. Details:

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  • Hi Torch

    Not sure if this would be of interest for the Good / Bad section. Its simply about two dumped rubbish issues.

    1. The rubbish is in the bush area known as Virginius Reserve, which sits between Virginius Street Padstow and Centaur Street Revesby. It has been there at least since late June this year. About a 2 & 1/2 minute walk along a beaten track deep into the bush there is a clearing which unfortunately has become an area scattered by general rubbish. The rubbish consists mainly of discarded plastic bottles and cans, fast food wrappings and some broken chairs. It apears to have been a regular meering place because someone has set up an old outdoor garden setting with glass top table and chairs, some intact and some broken. One interesting item commonly referred to as a ‘bong’, a filtration smoking device, has been seen on the table. Although the area cant be seen from outside of the bush, it does represent an ugly site inside the otherwise natural reserve. CB Council have been informed via online and telephone.

    2. A discarded large water heater cyclinder currently lies on the nature strip in Hydrae Street, Revesby (outside No.67). Its initial presence would not normally create concern however it has been there at least since 18 July this year. It could be a minor danger to vehicles or pedestrians as it sits on the crest of the grassed area, and could roll in either direction. The CB Council has been informed via online and telephone.

    If the Torch is interested in reporting the items, I could be happy to check that both rubbish sites still existed prior to printing. ASlso, if it helps I have photos.