Golf drive range dream’s now a muddy hard work nightmare

LUKE McNaughton (pictured) says his dream of operating Milperra Golf Driving Range finally came true last October but after six months of rain and flooding, it has turned into a nightmare.

Even when it’s not raining, all the golf balls – 10,000 to 15,000 a day – need to be picked up manually and he’s had to mow the mud to flatten it out.
“It’s certainly been much more of a challenge than we expected,” he said.
“I’m up at 5.30 every morning, every lunchtime and every evening picking up the balls and looking after the range.
“We’ve had three different floods this year because we are over the road from Milperra Road and next to the river; I’m literally praying for sunshine everyday.”
The golf teaching professional and PGA member says he is determined, though, to remain open.
“When it’s not raining, the coaching side of the business is going well with about 80 lessons a week,” he said.
“I offer coaching for all from the age of four years, male and female, up to 90 years.
“Practising on a range is the best way to improve your golf because you can refine all of your swings without any worry of where the ball is going to go and you never have to pick up a ball either.
“It really helps to take your game to the next level.”
To make a booking at the range or to inquire about coaching, call Luke on 9771 9093.