‘Gobsmacked’ by $1,000 win

Ashfield's Alistair Hamilton won $1000 for reporting abandoned shopping trolleys.

Ashfield’s Alistair Hamilton was “gobsmacked” when he won $1000 for reporting abandoned shopping trolleys.
Trolley Tracker is an app for reporting abandoned shopping trolleys and offers a monthly cash prize.
Alistair said he has been using Trolley Tracker for about three years and whenever he sees an abandoned trolley while walking, “doing my 10,000 steps, I report it”.
“You don’t have to think about it, you just open up the app and key in the number,” he said.
“It’s so easy to do and helps keep our area looking nice. Abandoned shopping trolleys are an ongoing problem, so reporting them is giving back to the community and helping to keep a problem under control.”
He said there are lot of abandoned trolleys around Ashfield.
“They can hang around for a long time too,” he said.
“If I’m walking around Cooks River, they can be a serious eyesore and you don’t want them to end up in the river. They do tend to congregate – they have a herd mentality.”
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