Give broken phone to someone in need

THERE\’S an estimated 23 million \’spare\’ mobile phones sitting in drawers, garages and boxes across Australia – and The Bower is asking residents to donate them to its \’Reconnect Project\’.

hones are fixed, securely wiped of any data and loaded with credit.
These phones are then distributed to people who need them – be they recently arrived refugees, those fleeing domestic abuse or someone in a transient housing situation who would otherwise have no means of communication with essential services.
Bower manager and Reconnect founder Annette Mayne said that although the service, which started in October, had enjoyed a boom since Covid lockdown, more phones were needed to help support the needy.
“It is our aim for everyone to have access to a phone, especially those in a vulnerable situation and as we already do a lot of work to support women’s refuges, thought this would be another obvious way we could help,” Ms Mayne said.
“For residents who have a problem with their mobile, tablet, charging cable or adapter and need them fixed, we also offer a repair service through the Bower at Greens Square.
“Reconnect is also a wonderful way to help the environment by reducing landfill as well as helping those less fortunate.”