Dining Out

Get real, amazing taste of India

OFFERING restaurant quality meals at fast food prices, Pakwaan Indian is the go-to destination for diners who appreciate a great-tasting, value for dollar snack or meal.

According to ancient Indian science, Ayurveda, Indian food is a complete food for our bodies – its legumes, beans, grains, fruits and vegetables provide ample amount of fibre, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and resistant starch which is beneficial to weight loss.
This is is fantastic news for vegetarians, as over 70 per cent of Indians are, and also ideal for any average meat-loving or veggo Aussie, with meats including chicken, fish, lamb or beef.
Colourful in every aspect, Pakwaan Indian meals are enriched with tasty varieties of dahl, subzis, rotis, rice and fruits.
And as the cold weather starts to trickle in, nothing hits the spot better than a warm and delicious Pakwaan Indian curry!
Reflecting traditional flavours from India’s north with modern presentation, popular menu meals include Butter Chicken, Lamb Roganjosh, Tandoori Chicken, Punjabi Kadi, Daal Makhani, Biryani, Parantha meals, salad plates, wraps, children’s meals and many more.
A variety of Indian breads made fresh in the Tandoor oven are also on offer, as well as gluten free curries, delicious desserts and refreshing drinks, with all halal products used.
Established in 2001, Pakwaan Indian is the dream project of two enterprising and highly talented chefs, Ajay Ahluwalia and Rajeev Pamnani.
Rajeev said: “At Pakwaan, we aim to provide our customers with a delicious, healthy and nutritional taste, ensuring with confidence that satisfaction prevails, every time.
“Our chef at Roselands, Jay Shankar, has played a major part in developing and executing the menu, after having worked at leading hotels in India, New Zealand and Sydney.
“As customer tastes and preferences evolve, we aim to provide a variety of products and flavours, designed to suit general tastes and palates.”
Takeaway as well as Uber Eats are available, with limited seating also on offer.