Get help to live in home for longer

CARERS from Chester Hill Neighbourhood Centre (CHNC), are the difference between Lola Siebels being able to live in her own home or having to move into assisted care.

The 89-year-old first became acquainted with CHNC about 10 years ago when she joined one of their social outing groups.
Then in 2019 – with family flung far and wide – and needing help with grocery shopping and cleaning, she got in contact to see what services were available.
With a small fee payable through the Government’s My Aged Care, Lola doesn’t notice any cost impact just the huge, quality of life benefit.
“My helpers come twice a week on Mondays and Fridays; one day is to pick up my grocery order and deliver it back to me and on the other day, they help me with the housework,” she said.
“It’s usually the same women who come and they are very helpful, pleasant and kind.
“I’m really comfortable having them around and now look forward to seeing them every week. If I need to go to a doctor’s appointment, they will take me there as well.”
The CHNC team can provide assistance with personal care, nursing services, allied health, home maintenance, domestic work, cleaning, transport and social support services.
To find out more, call 9645 3700 or email