Get “grub” out of our City

Canterbury Bankstown Mayor Khal Asfour is outraged that serial killer Regina Kaye – formerly known as Reginald Kenneth Arthurell – has been allowed to live in his City under a cloud of secrecy.
The convicted killer, now 74, was released on parole in November last year and is believed to be holed up in a retirement nursing home in Yagoona.
The nursing home is surrounded by other retirement establishments which look after the elderly and are visited by children.
Mayor Asfour said the residents living near the facility deserved to know where he is staying and what the authorities are doing to monitor him.
“This is a joke, how can you let this grub live in the community and not even let people know,” Mayor Asfour said.
“My understanding is he was offered a halfway house at Malabar and he chose not to live there.
“He shouldn’t have been given a choice. He lost his right when he was convicted of murder.
“I want this grub out of my City.”