Dining Out

Get dose of health from delicious drink

OFFERING the magic of the Mediterranean, Cocktails & Co (all non-alcoholic) is inspired by similar cafes in Lebanon and was established six months ago in Regents Park.

Already the perfect pitstop to grab a delicious fruity pick-me-up, it will soon be the go-to destination to cool down with a refreshing drink and escape from the summer heat.
Featuring a fantastic range of luscious, juicy fruits, these drinks are ideal for the health conscious as well as for those wishing to party without the alcohol drawbacks.
A new era of moderation seems to be upon us, with people – especially like your healthy, clean-living millennial types – drinking less overall or ditching alcohol altogether.

Cocktails & Co Manager Rabih Derbas says the sugar cane drinks, where you add your own fruit, and the Berry Delight are very popular among young and old who can’t get enough of the sweet tipples.
“I have been amazed at how many locals are popping in to sample our wares,” he said.
“We’ve also got coffees and bubble tea plus protein shakes, smoothies, classic milkshakes and protein balls.”
Also going down a treat are the ginger shots and the bowl options, which include the Avolicious bowl with thick avocado topped with ashta, cashew nuts and honey, the Tropical bowl with chunky fruit pieces including mango, the Brownie bowl with chocolate brownies, whipped cream, strawberries and Hersheys chocolate sauce and the Acai bowl with vanilla yoghurt, toasted muesli, fruits and honey.
There’s also mouthwatering desserts like gelato, Turkish dessert and Turkish Kunefe.
“If you are after comfort food that will energise your day, our refreshments are in a class of their own,” Rabih said.
Open daily from 10.30am to 11pm and until midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Cocktails & Co is also available on Uber Eats, with the team happy to discuss catering for events of all shapes and sizes.