Get a taste for Pickleball at Open Day

A COMBINATION of tennis, badminton and table tennis, Pickleball is coming to Riverwood.

Played on a badminton-sized court with a table tennis type paddle and a tennis height net, it is said to be the great equaliser in racquet sports because thinking is more important than power.
A spokesperson says it is also very attractive to new players because it is so easy to learn.
“It appeals to players in all age groups – from primary school to young adults, to parents and grandparents,” she said.
“It’s fun; it’s social and it’s coming to Riverwood,” she said.
Give pickleball a go at the Open Day session at the Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre this Sunday, October 13 at 12.30pm.
Everyone is welcome. All equipment is supplied.
For more information and to register, contact If you can’t make it, then why not head to the centre on any other Sunday afternoon and bring your friends and family and give it a go.