Gateway to success for all

THE school community at Auburn North Public School believe ‘every week is Education Week’, says Principal Mark Harris.

“They believe Auburn North is the ‘Gateway to Success’ for all students, and staff and parents work together in perfect harmony to assist all students become the very best young people they can become,” he said.
“Auburn North is a dynamic learning community for its students, staff and parents, and as a senior officer from the NSW Department of Education said last year, ‘Auburn North is achieving phenomenal results’.”
Mr Harris said Auburn North programs and practices were also selected this year by the Powerhouse Museum to be included in its new exhibition.
He says they also get plenty of positive feedback from students themselves, with one writing last week: “I love coming to Auburn North because our teachers encourage and motivate us to become stronger within ourselves”, and another saying the school “encourages us to strive and assists all of us to succeed and move forward”.
One student wrote: “I love coming to Auburn North because as soon as I walk through the gates, I’m welcomed by smiling teachers and happy students”, while another penned “Auburn North is a beautiful, multicultural, diverse and harmonious community that makes everyone feel as if they belong to something extremely special”.

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