Free ‘Try a Trade’ day on for women

WITH a nationwide skills shortage in the trade industry, women are being urged to take up a trade, with most fields offering employment stability and economic security.

As such, the council will be hosting a free ‘Trade Up to a Better Future – Try a Trade Discovery Day’ at Wyatt Park, Lidcombe, on Thursday, November 30, 10am-2pm.
A fun day filled with workshops, info sessions and demos, it will also be an opportunity to meet inspirational women working in the field as well as future employers.
Passionate about encouraging young women, Madi Mercer swapped her office pen for a spanner 12 years ago and said it was the best move she’s ever made.
A mechanical fitter, Madi Mercieca works in maintenance at Westmead Hospital and hopes to eliminate the stigma around women in trades.
“A lot of people think you have to be big and strong and that it’s a blokey environment,” she said.
“I wear pink shirts, pink boots and pink lip gloss to work and I’m just as good as anyone else.”
Although Madi loves the practical side of her job, she said her favourite part is “surprising people when they see me walk in to do the job”.
“I’m also the fittest I’ve ever been and love what I do.”
Lawyer turned construction manager Jessica Rose says women should pursue a trade as there are so many opportunities.
“You don’t have to be a lawyer to be successful,” she said.
WPC Group Industry Development Consultant Charlene Vaughan is responsible for mentoring mechanic apprentices.
“I’ve got heaps of employers that would swap their male mechanics for females if they could because that say girls have better attention to detail and learn faster,” she said.
“I’m looking forward to meeting future apprentices at the Trade Discovery Day.”
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