Free hearing tests at libraries to identify issue, help regain clarity

DO you have difficulty hearing people on the phone or do friends say you turn up the TV too loud?

Maybe you feel exhausted after attending social events which is known as ‘listening fatigue’ or struggle to know where sound is coming from?
If you have concerns about your own or a loved one’s hearing, help is at hand next month when Hearing Australia conducts free hearing tests in Cumberland libraries.
Hearing Australia Merrylands Community Advisor Michaela Farrugia will examine your hearing in a 15-minute check and provide advice.
“A hearing check is a quick and easy way to help identify if your hearing is not as sharp as it used to be,” she said.
“Not everyone who is experiencing problems may need a hearing aid. Sometimes people might just need support listening to the TV, hearing at noisy social events or hearing on the phone.”
If you do need a hearing aid, pensioners can get one for free through the Commonwealth’s Hearing Services Program.
“A hearing aid is a great way to bring back clarity and the ones today are amazing, technology has come so far and you don’t realise you’re wearing one,” Michaela said.
“Everyone over 55 should have a hearing check every 12 months.”
The tests are on offer from 10am at Auburn Library on Monday, July 18, Merrylands Library on Tuesday, July 19, and Granville Library on Thursday, July 21.
Bookings essential by calling library staff on 8757 9060.