Free family cooking classes to give child a boost

A VALUABLE life skill, cooking teaches children about nutrition and food safety, as well as building math, science, literacy and fine motor skills.

Parents can encourage their child’s interest and excitement in preparing and eating healthy foods by taking part in two, free, family cooking classes online this week.
Presented in partnership with Kids Love to Cook and Cumberland Council, the classes will create Coconut Chicken Curry and Steamed Rice on Wednesday, January 19, 2-3pm, and No-churn Vanilla Ice Cream and Sorbet on Thursday, January 20, 2-3pm.
Kids Love to Cook Director Beth Hodson says it’s important for children to get an early start in the kitchen.
“Cooking lessons are great for building confidence and giving children ownership about what they put in their mouths,” she said.
“There’s also a great sense of accomplishment that a child feels when they’re able to serve up a meal to the family.
“Whether you start teaching your three-year-old how to crack an egg or encouraging your 10-year-old to put together a family meal one night a week, you simply can’t go wrong getting your child into the kitchen at a young age.”
Cooking also enhances a child’s adventurous palate.
“Once a child is introduced to a certain recipe, they may like it or not. However, telling them of the benefits of each recipe could be an answer to making them like a particular food even if does not taste as they want it to be,” Beth said.
Parents will receive a list of ingredients and zoom link ahead of the free classes when they register at