Find homes for rescue pets

AFTER all-time high adoption rates in 2020, PETstock Milperra wants to continue the push to give stray pets a home during National Pet Adoption Month in March.

Animal welfare advocate and PETstock Milperra manager Emma Goldfinch said there was a huge response last year from people looking for companionship and deciding to adopt a rescue pet. “We were all very unsure about how the pandemic was going to play out and people realised they could find comfort themselves by providing a loving home to a pet, whether that be a dog, cat, rabbit, bird or lizard,” she said.
Coming from a pet rescue shelter background, Emma says she is a passionate supporter of adopting rescue pets.
“I’m on a mission to find homes for all of our animals because I know the companionship they bring and the difference they can make in someone’s life as well as wanting to see them go to a good home,” she said.
“I would encourage everyone to call in to 349 Henry Lawson Drive during National Pet Adoption Month in March and meet some of our wonderful animal residents who are looking for a good home.”
PETstock is also encouraging residents to ‘adopt different’ this March – talk to the store experts and adopt a new way of thinking when it comes to rescue pets; reconsider any biases, dismiss unfair stereotypes and make considered, sustainable choices on what pet is truly the best fit for your lifestyle.