Female-friendly sports attire bid

ONE in two girls drop out of sport from the age of 15, with unsuitable uniforms and sporting attire major contributing factors.

With this in mind and to celebrate International Day of the Girl last Monday, Cadbury has donated $150,000 to launch the ‘Get in the Game Grants Program’, allowing clubs to apply for $5,000 to support the design of new female-friendly sports attire.
Research found that the type of sports uniforms available to girls when deciding to play sport was a critical factor when it comes to them feeling confident about being active.
Alarmingly, by the age of 14, Australian girls’ confidence levels are 27 per cent lower than boys.
Cheering the Cadbury initiative all the way, Auburn Tiger Women’s AFL founder Amna Karra-Hassan says she advocates for many women who come up against discrimination in sports through her not-for-profit group ‘GoActive’ and role with the Lebanese Muslim Association.
“This is a great initiative that can be applied at a grassroots level but real change needs to come from the top,” she said.
“Women need choice about what they wear on the field, the rink or in the water and it is a universal issue.
“I’ve advocated for a hockey player who was not permitted to play wearing a hijab and an ice skater was told hijabs were not looked upon favourably for competition.
“It’s the same in AFL and rugby league where umpires frown upon women wearing ‘skins’ or leg and arm coverings.
“We definitely need to break down these barriers for the next generation.”
For more info and to apply for a grant, visit: