Exercise ‘best tonic’ to boost mood & health

THERE’S no better time to keep active which has the added benefit of keeping your spirits up and immune system strong, says Padstow personal trainer Katrina Mihalopoulos.

She has been busy conducting one on one personal training sessions at Playford or Padstow parks.
“I’ve been lucky to have clients who are missing the gym to look after in this way and have noticed a lot of people turning their attention towards their health so I’ve met a few new faces thanks to recommendations from my regular clients,” she said.
Some of those have been from Daniela Ghossein, who operates Sleek Boutique in Revesby, and says working out with Katrina is the best way to maintain her mental health.
“I gets me into the fresh air and is so much better than being stuck at home, I can’t recommend it enough,” she said.
“I like to go to Padstow Park where there’s exercise equipment and walk home.
“I’ve been encouraging my regular boutique customers to do the same thing as I’ve been keeping in touch over the phone and it breaks my heart when I hear of any of them struggling in the lockdown.”
World Gym Chullora personal trainer Mike Lee has also been enjoying the great outdoors.
“Normally I’d have 12 clients six days a week and I am now down to about one a day at Padstow Park,” he said.
“It’s been 12 weeks now so the end of lockdown can’t come quick enough but the silver lining has been that I’ve been putting my extra energy into homeschooling my children aged 14, 12 and four.
“I’m also improving my cooking skills as I am the new head chef at home four nights a week.”