Enthralling tale the first to open post lockdown

FEATURING Dulwich Hill resident Isaac Broadbent as assistant director, Lambert House Enterprises is thrilled to present hit play, ‘The Credeaux Canvas’, at El Rocco Café and Theatre, Kings Cross, from Thursday, July 23 to August 23.

The production – believed to be the first post lockdown play to open – will be presented under strict health directives, with audiences limited to 24 people per performance, all socially distanced.
Initial rehearsals and even a memorable meeting with the playwright, all took place by ‘Zoom’ conferencing. Recent easing has allowed for live, socially distanced rehearsal.
‘The Credeaux Canvas’ is the story of three twenty-somethings struggling to survive. There is a promising bi-sexual artist, his room-mate (a disenchanted and disinherited real estate agent) and his character’s girlfriend, a promising singer. They hatch a plan to dupe a wealthy art connoisseur into buying a forged painting, purportedly by French artist Jean-Paul Credeaux.
“There are great moments of both irony and tragedy that have kept audiences around the world enthralled for nearly twenty years,” Broadbent said.
“The play is generously laced with humour, sexual tension and a famous, very unusual nude scene!
“It’s classic, intelligent theatre that should satisfy those looking for a well-made play and a good night out.”
Tickets: $25-$35 at