Enjoy wonderful buffet

RAMADAN is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, celebrating the time the Koran was revealed to prophet Muhammad and now Muslims are invited to break their fast at Eighteen22 Casual Dining on Broadway Plaza at Punchbowl.

Excited to accompany you on your spiritual journey, the team will be serving up a delicious Pre-Ramadan Brunch followed by a Ramadan Open Buffet (adults, $49 and children, $29) or Private Function daily from 4.30-6pm from April 12 to May 12.
This Ramadan will also be the first time that the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) will be hosting an event at the restaurant.
The brainchild of Bashar Krayem, Eighteen22 Casual Dining is a homage to old-school class where timeless interiors reminisce a golden age of refined tastes and desires.
“Growing up in Sydney’s Western Suburbs I was exposed to a cultural smorgasbord of cuisine, which lined the streets of Punchbowl,” Bashar said.
“Coming from Lebanese parents, the connection between culture and cuisine was deeply embedded into my identity.”
He opened his first restaurant at 20 and sold it a year later armed with a new perception on the culinary world.
“I learnt that each recipe had a story, a past, an identity tied to a tradition,” he said.
“It is only out of my deep respect for culinary history and the generations that pioneered them, that we keep the link alive for our youth and those after them.
“I am looking forward to welcoming all to join us at Ramadan and are offering a free meal to the needy on the first three days, with all bookings through the website.
“We are looking forward to hosting you and your family during this special time of the year. Ramadan Mubarak!”
For bookings and to see the menu, head to