Enforce alcohol free zones bid

A CUMBERLAND councillor has called for extra enforcement in alcohol free zones after almost 50 sites were renewed until August 2026.

The 46 zones are aimed at “providing an early intervention measure to prevent the escalation of irresponsible street drinking to incidents involving serious crime”.
Cr Eddy Sarkis says the zones need to be enforced, “even if you’ve got to issue a ticket once or twice, people will learn”.
“Having alcohol free zones is like having ‘No stopping’ and ‘No parking’ zones, they’re only as good as the enforcement that comes with them,” he said.
“We had alcohol free zones in this area for many, many years – Sarah Daniels Court was one of the first areas added to the zones and you could go there almost any morning and see people sitting there with alcohol and drinking, and sleeping on the benches.
“We need to make sure people are taking notice.”
Cr Sarkis and Cr Helen Hughes were also concerned that many of the zones had expired “months ago”.
Cr Hughes said she had received many complaints about the zones expiring which meant “anyone could have been out there drinking”.
The zones are enforced by police and anyone observed to be drinking in one of those areas could have the alcohol immediately seized and tipped out or otherwise disposed.
Police can also – if they believe person’s behaviour in the place as a result of the intoxication – direct them to move on.
Failing to do so could mean an $1,100 infringement.