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Effie’s back in Love Me Tinder

FINDING love in this day and age is not easy. Keeping it is much harder.

The urge to swipe left or right or to scratch that seven-year itch (or only seven months in Effie’s case) is hard to resist even with the greatest of willpowers.
After a sold out national tour of ‘Star Wogs’ in 2018, and national tours in 2016 and 2017 of her one-woman show, ‘Effie the Virgin Bride’, Mary Coustas’ colourful comic creation Effie is back on stage in ‘Love Me Tinder’.
Is it love at first sight or love at first swipe? If I had you at hello then why can’t I get rid of you at goodbye?
“Everywhere I go, men are sniffing around me like beagles at an airport,” Effie tells the audience. “I’m trying to control my animal urges, but this inner beast, this vulvarine has taken hold of me!”
In 2013 after a decade of fighting to become a mum, Mary gave birth to daughter Jamie after 23 IVF attempts.

Mary, 55, says being an older mother comes with its own challenges but her daughter knows how much she is wanted everyday.
“She knows we fought for her and that she is special and I don’t think every child gets told that or feels that,” Mary said.
“The odds were stacked against me being a successful ‘wog’ actress and then attempting to become a mother.
“But you just have to give it all you’ve got; just have a go, ya mug!
“I’m lucky as one of my favourite things is performing. My audience can look forward to enjoying a liberating hour of laughter with Effie and her brutal honesty. There’s always a few surprises too.”
Don’t miss your chance to laugh out loud and see this Logie Award winning living legend up close and very personals.
Book now for the show at Revesby Workers’ Club on Saturday, November 2, at rwc.org.au