Easy to give blood to help others live

ONE of Cumberland’s leading blood donors, Granville’s Les Solomon has made over 150 donations and is encouraging more residents to give blood following National Blood Donor Week earlier this month.

It takes at least nine people donating blood monthly through Lifeblood, to treat just one person living with blood cancer.
Almost half of Australians who don’t give blood believe that road trauma is the leading cause of a person needing blood, yet it accounts for just two percent of Australia’s total blood usage – the least of all major causes.
More than 29,000 blood donations are needed every week, and around 10,000 of them needed for cancer treatment.
Les said he started to give blood regularly in his early 30s after his then employer, Prospect County Council, gave everyone Friday afternoon off if they were going to give blood.
“I just kept it up and try to give blood every fortnight and now as a station officer with Fire and Rescue NSW, am involved in a lot of initiatives with other emergency workers like blood challenges and drives,” he said.
“There is a big need for all blood types but especially the rarer groups and the blood plasma helps so many different people including burns victims, sufferers of cancer, Leukaemia, MS, lymphoma and liver disease, heart surgery patients, haemophiliacs and more.
“Each time I give blood, it helps 18 people and the blood donor nurses are so friendly and make you feel very special; everyone should do it for sure.”
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