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Don’t delay purchase ahead of widespread rise in 2020

PURCHASE your property now or wait for 2020?

When is the best time?
Realtisan Founder and Director Wilhelm Luo says his group is always trying to help clients find a satisfying property with the group’s customised solutions.
“Also, we keep a watchful eye on the trends in the Sydney real estate market to help buyers and vendors catch the best time,” he said.
Late last month (November 30), Sydney Auction clearance rate reached 80 per cent with 888 properties listed.
“The high clearance rate of Sydney auction results shows the revivalism of the real estate market,” Mr Luo said.
“Based on the auction clearance rate during the last four to five months, Sydney dramatically increased over six per cent better than predicted.”
So how is the real estate market going in 2020?
Realtisan’s clients recently asked when is the best chance to purchase property, now or 2020?
“At this moment, the lowest official cash rate means the release of monthly loans for house-purchasers and higher rental income in the future,” Mr Luo said.
“It will allow more people to get into Sydney’s property market.”
Every end of the year, people will focus on the property price forecast in the next year.
Realtisan believes that 90 per cent of forecasts point out that property prices will climb.
Among them, the CBA also foretells that in 2020, there may be a shortage of properties.
Strong population growth, supply shortages and rebound in house prices could result in the lack of apartments support.
“No matter if you are an owner-occupier purchaser or purely an investor, the perspective from Realtisan is that the end of 2019, maybe the last chance to purchase the best-priced property before the widespread rise in 2020,” Mr Luo added.
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