Dining Out

Delicious Iftar Buffet daily during Ramadan

SERVING a delicious Iftar Buffet daily from next week for the whole month of Ramadan, Student Biryani has had a huge impact on the Auburn dining scene over the last three years thanks to its authentic Pakistani cuisine.

A second generation biryani maker, owner and chef, Muhammad Javed said he learned how to cook the signature dish from his father when he was 13 or 14.
Prepared fresh each day, the sumptuous signature biryani is still made using his father’s recipes to produce a consistent taste and quality, with options including chicken, beef, goat or vegetables.
“All offerings are 100 per cent halal,” he said.
With its tempting aroma and mix of exotic spices, the flavoursome and affordable dish has been a firm favourite among Pakistanis for decades.
Student Biryani’s la carte menu also sizzles with delicious curries, succulent fried meats, grills, burgers and a range of interesting sides and beautiful breads, as well as plenty of vegetarian options and kids meals.
Other popular dishes include chicken karahi, a spicy and succulent curry dish; haleem chicken or beef, a thick lentil and meat stew flavoured with herbs and spices; and beef nehari, a slow-cooked stew of bone marrow and beef.
Student Biryani in Auburn is open Monday to Friday, 11am-11pm, and on weekends for breakfast from 9am to 11pm.
The Iftar Buffet will be on offer from 6-8.30pm daily from Monday, April 13.
To make a booking or put in an order for a home or office delivery, give them a call or for more info, visit studentbiryani.com.au.


Student Biryani,
42 Auburn Road, Auburn
Ph: 0423 586 076