Day to remember staying connected to friends ‘vital’

R U OK Day is such an important initiative because it removes the stigma of asking for help, especially at this time when so many people are struggling financially, says Yellow Brick Road Earlwood Branch Principal and Mortgage Broker Effie Nicol.

“When it comes to mental illness, we don’t always see the signs in ourselves,” Effie said.
“If we wake up every morning feeling tired, we say we’re just a bit run down. If we get upset easily, we say we’re feeling a bit emotional. When it seems like every day at work is hard, we think we’re just stressed out and need a holiday.”
These are actually all signs that something else could be wrong.
“That’s why we have R U OK Day – to remind us to help each other out by asking, ‘Are you okay?’. By asking this question, you let the other person know that you’ve also noticed the signs,” Effie said.
She added that by doing that, you help them to see that it’s not all in their head. You give them permission to share the things that are bothering them.
“I think that’s incredibly powerful and that’s why R U OK Day is a great reminder about the importance of staying connected,” she said.
“But some conversations maybe be too big for friends and family to take on alone so, don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals and other support networks.”