Crush discarded shopping trolleys to send message after retailer promise

FRUSTRATED by shopping trolleys continuing to litter streets, Cumberland Council has crushed more than 700 of them.

Collecting 1,497 trolleys since the end of January this year, those that were crushed were recycled for scrap metal.
Describing abandoned shopping trolleys as “a blight on our streets”, Mayor Steve Christou said despite discussions with large retailers to take better care of their assets, it had fallen to ratepayers to fund their collection and storage.
“Retailers have been asked to collect them and pay the impound fee of $50 for each trolley, but they’ve been slow to do this,” he said.
“I made a point of crushing the trolleys to demonstrate what will happen if they’re not collected.
“This has started to work because the retailers have now paid $15,950 in impound fees and 319 trolleys have been returned to their rightful owners.”