Create store of hospital beds

PADSTOW bedding manufacturer A.H Beard has teamed up with an international medical technology company to manufacture emergency hospital beds in response to Covid-19.

Demonstrating the power of Aussie innovation and collaboration, the Australian Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) has helped facilitate the partnership between A.H Beard and Stryker South Pacific, AmTek Australia, Fallshaw Wheels & Castors, and Varley Group.
Registered for use with the Australian Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) standards, the Emergency Relief Bed has been designed to accommodate patients in respiratory distress and provides critical surge capacity during the pandemic.
A.H Beard COO Brent Tyrell said: “The Emergency Relief Bed project represents the power of Australian manufacturers individually and as a collective.”
CEO Tony Pearson said: “We are incredibly proud to collaborate with leading manufacturers to deliver this project to meet a real potential need but at the same time you hope that the need doesn’t arise to have to build volumes of these products.”
Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews said that within six days a local supply chain had been mapped to adapt the design, create prototypes and begin production of the Emergency Relief Bed in Australia.
“This rapid response is an incredible feat and shows how Aussie companies are quickly working together in the face of this unprecedented pandemic,” Minister Andrews said.
“The fact that these beds can be manufactured, shipped and stored as flat-packs and then assembled on-site, demonstrates the kind of ingenuity that is helping Australia respond effectively to the Covid-19 crisis.”