Crazy Hair Day to help raise funds for new computer

HAIR was going every which way and in plenty of crazy colours on the last day of the school term at St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School.

Principal Carolyn Parsell said the ‘Wacky Hair’ day was a fundraiser as well as a celebration of “a very interesting” semester.
She added with a laugh that assistant principal John Haydon was one of the teachers who joined the fun with an “amazing rock star wig”.
“With Covid-19 and time away from face to face teaching having disrupted our regular flow, we feel like there is much to celebrate as we start our holiday break,” she said.
“The parents were very creative in the amazing way they did the children’s hair.
“As we haven’t been able to do much fundraising this year, we made it a gold coin donation to raise funds for some new technology. Our Stage 3 students need some new computers, so this fundraising will help with this goal.”