Crank up flood campaign

Steps to take if living near river

The NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) is continuing its <i>Georges River has flooded before, it will happen again</i> campaign, by working with residents to stress the need for people who live and work in the area to be aware of their flood risks.
The campaign advocates for communities along the Georges River to understand their risks and make the necessary steps to be prepared.
To help drive the message further, NSW SES, with support from its Principal Partner NRMA Insurance, has produced a series of videos with local volunteers and community members sharing their experiences of floods and stressing the need for others to be flood aware.
Commissioner Carlene York says the videos are aimed at connecting communities with real experiences and their local NSW SES volunteers.
“Each of the six videos, while touching on a different story from local people, share useful information and links to resources that people can use to be prepared and aware,” she said.
“We have also developed FloodSafe tips in 25 different languages to ensure we are reaching everyone.“
SES Chief Superintendent Greg Swindells added that while communities living along the river may have experienced minor flooding previously, floods could potentially get much worse.
“Floods can vary and that’s why it is important community members know their risks no matter the size of flood,” he said.
“To help us better understand what communities know about floods, we are calling on people living in the area to complete our online survey,” he said.
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