Couples loving new village life

“IT’S spacious, it’s airy, it’s safe” and Donington Gardens is a cherished new home for Paola and Ben Peresan.

The couple are among 16 residents who now call the village ‘their community’.
Originally from Italy, the couple have been together 58 years, and after long, happy careers and a life spent raising their children, decided to take the next step and move into Donington Gardens in December 2019 after maintenance became too much on their family home.
They couldn’t be happier they did. Their low-maintenance, brand-new apartment needs so little upkeep that they now have more time for the things they enjoy.
For Paola and Ben who like to be out and about, this is ideal as they are very social, and love that they know their neighbours and that the community is full of likeminded people.
Heather and Reg Willmott agree.
“It takes me 15 minutes to get anywhere in the village,” Reg chuckles.
“Everyone just stops and talks to you!”
Like Paola and Ben, Heather and Reg love that the newly forming community is such a friendly one.
“We knew we wanted to live here,” Reg said.
“We had friends already in Donington and knew we’d enjoy living here too.”
Avid travellers, the couple have now taken to venturing a little closer to home.
“We just pack a bag, leave it in the car and head out for the day,” Reg says, “and if we feel like it, we’ll stay somewhere overnight.”
Although Covid-19 has resulted in many temporary changes, Heather and Reg feel much safer within the village than they would have done in their old home.
For more info, call 8717 0180.