Collects 15,000 bottles, cans to give to OzHarvest to help feed vulnerable

WITH people far and wide helping him collect, Sustainable Salons worker and Roselands resident Jeff Mathews was so inspired by the group that he has now returned over 15,000 bottles and cans for 10c each to raise funds for OzHarvest which provides meals for people in need.

Sustainable Salons was formed to help hair salons become sustainable through resource recovery.
As well as sending hair to be recycled as wigs and as booms used to mop up oil spills, the enterprise helps make sure all waste material – plastics, foil, dyes remnants, and more – from salons is recycled.
Jeff was immediately enthusiastic about his job but when he saw how containers were being recycled to help provide food to people in need, he decided to do more to help.
“When I learned about how it worked here with Return and Earn, I thought why not do it myself and maybe I can give this place what I earn out of it because the money will go to make meals for the homeless,” he said.
“I get them from my own recycling and people around the neighbourhood – even all the retirees up in Diamond Beach where my mum and dad live, help me collect them.”