Church returns but may need to roster attendees

SAYING there will be no morning teas yet or singing, churches are welcoming the easing of pandemic restrictions allowing 50 people to congregate but are in no rush to throw open their doors.

Physical closeness – once a source of spiritual solidarity – now comes with the high risk of spreading infection.
Father Christodoulos, of St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Marrickville, said he was very happy about congregations now increasing to 50.
“First we had none, then 10 and now 50,” he said.
“The church is large enough to accommodate 50 with full social distancing and we are taking all other safety precautions the NSW Government is asking of us.
“We usually get 400 to 500 at our large weekly masses so will probably implement a roster system for attendees.”
And is he concerned some parishioners may never return?
“They will all be back eventually; the church is part of our culture, our life and our family,” he said.
Earlwood Anglican Minister Brendan McLaughlin says that despite welcoming the news, his team is still working out the details.
“There’ll be no congregational singing to start with and we appreciate that some parishioners, particularly the elderly, won’t want to come back for a while,” he said, adding he has been offering services online since March.
“Our church is large enough to host 50 safely but it’s early days and we will be continuing with the online services for now.”