Chopper crew helps school celebrate milestone

A VISIT by the crew of the PolAir helicopter was a highlight of a day of celebration at Newington Public School on Wednesday.

Students and staff held a ‘Bluey Day’ to celebrate 500 days of PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning), with the police also opening the school’s PBL garden, with materials donated by Bunnings.
Describing it as a “a great day”, teacher Ros Xagoraris said it was the most excited she’d seen the school community, while Year 2 student Ben Nagy said he wished that the day “never ended”.

Year 2 students Mason Park and Emmy Chen both agreed it was their “best day ever”, while Year 5 student Dahlia Chen said it “was really cool” of the helicopter crew to help them celebrate.
Also in Year 5, Abbas Karimi said it was “exciting seeing everyone dress in blue to celebrate” and Thomas Farag said “it was a good experience”.
Relieving Principal Greg Weeks said they were proud of the way PBL had been implemented at Newington.

“We have strong systems of support in place to create a preventative, positive learning environment for all our students,” he said.