Child can try ‘Rookie Rollers’ for free during school holiday

PROVIDING children under 13 years with a fun, active opportunity in the upcoming school holidays, ‘Rookie Rollers’ is on offer at Merrylands Bowling Club next month.

Bowls Australia’s Rookie Rollers is aimed at bringing the sport of bowls to audiences of varying ages and abilities, and has had considerable success with the young, elderly, those with a physical or mental impairment and many beginners around the nation.
There’s no advantage for being a particular gender, age or height as it is a non-physical sport that provides an even playing field for all and unlike a bowling ball is played with a rubber ball.
Importantly, it can be conducted on a range of surfaces including greens, carpets, concrete, wooden floors and just about anything else that is flat, eliminating the restrictions of requiring a bowling green.
Regional Bowls Manager for Greater Sydney and organiser of Rookie Rollers, Darren Robinson, says it’s a great opportunity to get your child off their screen and into the great outdoors.
“Bowls is an emerging sport in schools and Rookie Rollers is designed to enable kids to participate in an engaging format which is fun and inclusive,” he said.
“Bowling can help your child develop hand-eye coordination and depth perception. It can also help kids practise their math skills through scorekeeping.”
To book for free Rookie Rollers on Thursday, July 14, 10.30-11.30am, call the Cumberland City Council Youth Recreation Officer on 8757 9784 or email