Charged after illegally obtaining loans, leases valued at over $2m

A MAN from Guildford has been charged with 15 fraud offences totalling $2 million after allegedly entering loan and lease agreements using illegitimately created ‘shelf’ companies.

In March 2021, Bankstown Police established Strike Force Yackerboom to investigate reports illegitimate companies had been created using the identities of employees of a printing management company without their knowledge.
A 37-year-old man was arrested at a home on O’Neill Street, Guildford, on January 1, and charged with dishonestly obtain financial advantage by deception (x7) and publish false misleading material to obtain advantage (x8).
Police will allege approximately $2 million was misappropriated by the man, after he entered into a number of loan and lease agreements on behalf of the illegitimate companies.

Drunk man bit, kicked, abused
officers and refused to move on
A MAN who allegedly bit a police officer on New Year’s Eve in Sydney’s CBD, has been charged with several offences.
It is alleged that the 30-year-old from Auburn was issued a move on direction which he failed to comply with and allegedly became verbally aggressive towards police.
While being detained, he allegedly started kicking out at police, refusing to stand. He was eventually subdued and while being placed in the rear of the police truck, allegedly bit the forearm of an officer.
The man was charged with assault police officer in execution of duty cause actual bodily harm (x2), wound police officer executing duty reckless as to actual bodily harm, assault police officer in execution of duty (x5), resist or hinder police officer in the execution of duty and continue intoxicated behaviour after move-on direction.