Celebration of learning

WITH this year’s theme, ‘Lifelong Learners’, Education Week is the annual celebration of NSW public education and the achievements of schools, students and the education system.

On offer from Monday to Friday, July 26-30, Education Week 2021 is celebrating education as a lifelong journey from when a child enters an early childhood setting, progresses to primary and secondary school, and continues their learning journey into adulthood through learning a trade, entering tertiary education or the workforce.
Education Week livestream activities include:
• Monday (July 26) – The official Education Week launch from 10am. Watch inspiring stories from students, dignitaries and education leaders and see how the NSW Education system is developing lifelong learners.
• Tuesday (July 27) – Short film showcase ‘Every Day Counts’ from 10am and parent and carers webinar ‘Exploring vocational education and training at school’, 7-8pm. Watch a series of short films created by students on the topic of attendance at school. Why is attending school important and how every day at school leads to success?
The webinar explores three key vocational education and training programs available to high school students in NSW. Register for the webinar on the P&C website.
• Wednesday (July 28) – ‘Learning through Country’ from 10am. Join the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc (AECG) and hear stories about places of cultural significance. Connecting to this year’s NAIDOC theme ‘Heal Country’, this online lesson demonstrates ‘Learning through Country’ as a lifelong process.
• Thursday (July 29) – Learning through lived experience webinar from 3pm. Research is clear about the important role of creative activity for mental and physical wellbeing. This webinar includes a panel discussion with teachers, school leaders and an ex-student that was convened as part of the Bushfire Relief Strategy Phoenix Conference in April. There will be an opportunity to engage in a chat/live discussion.
• Friday (July 30) – Virtual art exhibition ‘From the Ashes’. This digital exhibition is available on demand and features a series of artworks created by students in response to the 2019/2020 NSW bushfires. It demonstrates the role of art in the process of reflection.