Celebrate record number of high achievers

THE 2019 cohort of Year 12 students at Auburn Girls High School achieved a record number of band five and six HSC results and Principal Anna Tsoutsa couldn’t be prouder.

“We had 148 students with band 5 and 6 results, including 21 students achieving band 6 in a wide range of subjects including mathematics, mathematics extension one, physics, advanced English, PDHPE and visual arts.
“We also had three Year 11 students who sat for accelerated chemistry and received band 5s and 6s.
“Our results jumped the school’s ranking by almost 200 places and we are now sitting at 322 in the state.
“We also have a broad range of strategies in place to support our students so these results will continue to improve further with each and every cohort.
“Our HSC success strategy includes things such as additional tutoring by teachers, school holiday workshops, one-on-one mentoring as well as supporting students with study skills and managing their well-being and stress.”
Mrs Tsoutsa said the highest ATAR was 98.4, but added that while they were happy to celebrate the successes of their students, there was more to the HSC and being successful in life than just the ATAR.
“While we do seek to inspire them and support them to achieve their personal best, we encourage the students not to define themselves by their academic results alone,” she said.
She said last year’s cohort were a “wonderfully rounded group”, not only regarding their academic results and sporting achievements but also their community contribution.
“They were really outstanding ambassadors for the school,” she said.
Her advice to students starting Year 12 this year is to find a balance in other areas of their lives and such as sport, family and friends.
“I would say work hard and complete your assigned work ahead of time to release some pressure, be organised and seek help from your teachers when you need it, but also keep a balance in your life.”