Cafes support ban on plastic

CAFE owners have responded with enthusiasm to the NSW Government’s push to phase out single use plastics from June but say rising operating costs are the last thing they need.

The ban will see straws, stirrers, takeaway containers and polystyrene cups no more after legislation passed in State Parliament.
Treasurer and Environment Minister Matt Kean said plastic packaging and single-use plastics made up 60 per cent of litter across the State.
“Only 10 per cent of plastics are recycled, with the rest ending up in landfill or littering our streets, dumped in our parks and washing up in our waterways,” he said. The Local Espresso Bar owner Mitch Douglass says his Georges Hall eatery has already started making changes.
“All of our cups are biodegradable, our lids are bamboo and our bowls are cardboard but the issue is with finding a good straw alternative,” he said.
“You go through three paper straws when you only needed one plastic straw to drink a milkshake.
“I’m certainly not a fan of paper straws so look forward to someone coming up with something better.”
Campsie’s Gloria Jeans Coffee manager Sandy Lee says they are happy to make the change to help the environment.
“Prices between the plastic and cardboard are very similar,” she said.
“In fact, I’ll be putting my order in next week.”
Greenacre’s iJuice Sugarcane owner Mariam Dahbache says the switch from plastic will add to her costs.
“It’s just something that has to be done, though, I hope the law is enforced for the large supermarkets too – no more veggies wrapped in plastic or cling wrap products,” she said.
Revesby Heights’ The Heights Cafe owner Rema Najjarine says it is just another challenge.
“The switch to plastics is a good move but food costs have all risen because of the drought, fires and floods and this will certainly add to our pressures,” she said.