Bulldogs helping to get preschoolers on move

WITH less than a quarter of children meeting the recommended amount of exercise and the need to get preschoolers moving, early learning provider Young Academics has partnered with the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs to create opportunities to inspire children to be more active.

Bulldogs’ Pathways and Junior League general manager Barry Ward says that whether it’s organised sports, skills sessions at pre-school like at Young Academics or family activities, children can gain confidence, coordination and social skills through sport and fitness exercises.
He says that while the physical benefits of staying active for children are well known – reducing the risk of obesity, improving balance, fitness, and sleep, as well as muscle and bone growth – the social and emotional benefits are also incredibly valuable.
“From learning patience and persistence to following instructions, handling discipline, cooperating with teammates, gaining a sense of belonging and reducing stress, the benefits of participating in sports or physical activities are enormous,” he said.
Young Academics managing director James Kazzi said they were thrilled to join forces with the Bulldogs to implement a dedicated Music and Movement program.
“Young Academics is taking a proactive approach to engage and motivate children to try new things and find physical activities they enjoy,” he said.
“It might take trying a few different things to find something your child loves. As much as you might love rugby, cycling or soccer, your child might prefer gymnastics, volleyball, or skateboarding – and that’s great.”