Building bridges to help keep all community safe

THE old wooden bridge at the end of Lang Road in Hurlstone Park, will be replaced with a steel structure and surrounding parks improved to encourage community activities.

The improvements are part of a $5.9 million spend on bridge structures in 2019-20, which will include road bridges at Hector and Wolumba Streets, Chester Hill.
Mayor Khal Asfour says the work will provide safer travel for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.
“These particular bridges are at the end of their lifespan, some even lacking pedestrian access and restricted traffic flow,” he said.
The new bridges at Hector and Wolumba Streets will include: Widening traffic lanes; protected pedestrian paths; and creating straight structures to provide clear, unobstructed vision for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.
Changes to the pedestrian and cycle shared bridge at Lang Road (pictured) include: Constructing a curve on the bridge to slow cyclists and increase safety for pedestrians; and improving the surrounding park areas to encourage community activities.
All three bridges are expected to be completed next year.