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Brush up to build skills

Wattawa PS kindess Mural..........photo Daniela Gedz 9/12/19

BRINGING to life a garden-themed ‘kindness mural’, Year 3 and 5 students at Wattawa Heights Public School put the finishing touches on the project by painting the wall and adding words of kindness and encouragement.

MARKING the end of a program aimed at building their resilience, students at Bankstown’s Wattawa Heights Public School were busy before the end of the school term painting a mural on the playground wall.
Funded by the South West Sydney Primary Health Network, it was the culmination of a project which is part of Mission Australia’s STAR4Kids program which child and family support worker Sonia Snushall said involved looking at the students’ strengths in order to assist with developing resilience.
She added that given it was called ‘The Resilience Doughnut: Connect 3’, it was also fitting to celebrate the end of the project by sharing real donuts with the young participants.
“It’s been fantastic to see some of the students come out of their shell as they’ve been getting creative on this project,” she said.
“The program we have been running is called.
“We want to help young people be able to bounce back when they are faced with challenges in their life. An important part of this resilience is kindness.”