Boys achieve top success

OVER the past 60 years, Birrong Boys High School has used a variety of key boys education strategies to ensure that students graduate with the necessary skills to lead successful lives.

For the past 10 years, an average of 87.7 per cent of Year 12 graduates have been successful in gaining entry to the university course of their choice.
Principal Darren Stevens said that for three consecutive years, students had received awards in the areas of mathematics, science and the humanities.
“Similarly, staff have been recognised for excellence in teaching also in these areas,” he said.
“Additionally, our school has excellent facilities to support the learning needs of students in subject areas such as technology, music and art.
“Our sporting teams continue to outperform expectations and have seen considerable success in sports such as rugby league, basketball and soccer.”
Mr Stevens said strong relationships with feeder primary schools, ensured a smooth transition to high school in a welcoming and inclusive manner whereby all students were known, valued and cared for.
“Our regular parent meetings create opportunities for input from families as well as a chance to communicate key strategies in the areas of teaching and learning; strong collaboration enables a cohesive approach to the education of young men,” he said.
Staff also take part in regular evaluative practices aimed at ensuring a range of data informed practices form the basis of all teaching programs.
“Long established, proud traditions permeate every area of school life here at Birrong Boys High School and this is especially highlighted during our Education Week celebrations,” Mr Stevens said.