Bowlers enjoy ‘unfenced’ green benefits

BOWLS NSW Limited has recommended that all formats of the sport cease during the lockdown but that has not been practical at some clubs with unfenced greens, as in the case of Lidcombe Bowling Club.

Avid bowler and Club CEO Les Caldarevic says Bowls NSW has no jurisdiction over social bowls or barefoot bowls and as Lidcombe’s greens back onto Wellington Park, bowling club members have been occasionally enjoying a game on an individual basis.
“What is the difference with someone throwing a stick to their dog just a few metres away in the park than someone having a bowl on the neighbouring green,” he said.
“I’ve been in touch with Services NSW and the police and they have agreed that our own member bowlers who live within five kilometres can exercise on the green which can’t be locked up anyway.”
Believing it to be the same case with other bowling clubs which feature unfenced greens, Les says all the Covid-safe rules apply and you can’t just walk in.
“I’ve had a few strangers here and I’ve told them if you can’t fill in the paperwork now and take up membership, then leave and don’t come back,” he said.s
“Police have also fined a few people who lived more than five kilometres away; it’s up to the individual who will know if they are doing the right thing or not.”
Les is encouraging everyone, especially young people, to get vaccinated sooner rather than later.
“Families were so worried about children getting polio in the 50s and 60s, they were only too happy for us to get the jab as they knew of the horrors if you didn’t,” he said.
“Parents must stop being so blase now and realise getting Covid-19 could be just as bad so I say, don’t hesitate, just vaccinate so we can all get back to normal sooner.”