Bower helping to rehome crisis survivors

HELPING refugees and domestic violence survivors set up a new home, Bower Marrickville’s ‘From House to Home’ program facilitates the re-homing of household goods, furniture and appliances.

Since its inception in 2016, and thanks to financial support from supporters, the Bower has been able to help 325 families and gave away goods to the value of $96,000, an average saving of $350 a family.
Salma is one of more than 200 families supported through Bower’s House to Home program.
She said: “I come from a country torn apart by civil war – Libya in Northern Africa.”
“I had been working as an accountant in Tripoli when war broke out. I escaped with my six-year-old girl, Nada. My father and uncle and five other relatives lost their lives.
“After years in a refugee camp and detention, my little girl and I were finally allowed into Australian on a temporary protection visa.
“We had no money, nowhere to live, I had no job, but we had wonderful help from volunteer services. I was assisted to find a one-bedroom flat for Nada and me. But I had no furniture, not even a mattress on the floor.
“Bower’s House to Home program was a godsend. They gave me a bed, sofa, a wardrobe, a fridge and some basic kitchen items like a kettle, a microwave and a bike; we are safe and it now feels like home.”
A Bower spokesperson said: “Please help us continue this vital program and help many more in these challenging times.”
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