Boost posture, self esteem

RHONVIC Brolga Studios was so named when it was founded by Shirley in 1958, after her daughters Rhonda and Victoria and Australia’s ‘dancing bird’.

Dreamtime legend has it that there was a beautiful girl called Brolga who was the best dancer in the whole land but was changed by a jealous evil spirit into a graceful bird that was known as the brolga from that day on.
Rhonda now operates her mother’s school from their premises at 15 Gurney Road, Chester Hill, and says that dance should be compulsory for every child to learn as it is so beneficial.
“Dance improves a child’s posture and gives them confidence, self-esteem and helps keep them fit through the stretching and gentle cardio movements,” she said.
With about 30 students aged from two up to 14 years, Rhonda teaches ballet, tap, hip hop, boys classes and preschoolers as well as adult tap and ballet classes and mums and bubs classes.
Students also take part in examinations, competitions, workshops and an annual concert.
A living testimony to the benefits of ballet and dance, Rhonda is now 73 but says she is often mistaken for a woman decades younger.
“Ballet improves memory by making you recall steps, positioning and patterns,” she said.
“This helps keep your brain alert, quick and open.
“Dancing is a great anti-ageing treatment, retarding the ageing process immensely as it benefits your heart, cardiovascular system, lung capacity and overall wellbeing.
“I can’t recommend it enough.”
With classes underway the week school starts back, those interested in finding out more or enrolling in a class this term, should email or call Rhonda on 0419 276 128.