Book set to inspire women to get healthy the easy way

LEAVING the 120-strong audience inspired and craving for more, May Zaki has launched her book, ‘Mind Over Tummy’, during a wellness gala for Muslim women at Highline in Bankstown.

With a goal to help women achieve their ideal body goals, May is a certified professional in weight management, sports and exercise nutrition, children’s nutrition and a certified life coach and naturopath.
Before the opening of the official program, attendees enjoyed visiting the wellness stalls featuring products such as organic honey, essential oils, candles and skincare products as well as winning prizes such as massages, modest activewear and dresses and kitchen sets.
Featuring a line-up of motivational speakers, the official program began with Hajjah Faten El Dana OAM who spoke about healthy eating in Islam and the importance of following the Sunnah guidelines in order to overcome obesity, emotional eating and health problems.
“The Sunnah foods (foods Prophet Muhammad ate) should be a part of our everyday lives,” Hajjah said.
“An important message is that after 10 or 11 bites, get up and leave the table before you start feeling full plus the book contains all the recommended foods and tips which are easy to follow.”
May said: “I believe I have written a book that is different from any other diet book on the market which can assist anyone.”
For more info, find ‘Mind Over Tummy’ on Amazon.