Bans sale of fur and fur products

INNER West Council will join with Canterbury Bankstown and City of Sydney, moving to block the sale of fur and fur products.

Councillor Pauline Lockie has called on the council to write to the Minister for Home Affairs to call for the introduction of random forensic testing of imported fake fur products, as well as an investigation into prohibition of fur product imports, including looking at how an exemption for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander vendors could be applied.
She says the fur and exotic skins trade is notorious for its cruelty towards animals, which are often taken from the wild and killed in the most harrowing ways for their skins.
“This is totally at odds with our community’s compassion and commitment towards animal welfare, which is why I’m pushing for the council to ensure these products aren’t sold on council premises,” she said.
“It’s important for the council to use its voice to call on the state and federal governments to help stamp out the fur trade – especially when it comes to illegally labelled furs – and to raise awareness of sustainable and ethical alternatives to selling secondhand furs.”
Animal Justice Party Inner West Regional Group Leader Rohan Laxmanalal added: “We are thrilled to see Councillor Pauline Lockie being successful in the motion calling on council to become fur free.
“Over 50 million animals suffer and die as victims of the international fur trade.
“As part of this fur ban, we are encouraging people to donate any vintage coats to NSW charity, Snuggle Coats, an organisation turning old fur into pouches for orphaned wildlife.”

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  • I believe that in this time there’s always a different solution to these abusive conditions .. there’s no reason to buy things that supports atrocities against Animals just for people to have eyelashes from ‘animals’ being tortured just so women can look pretty. Shame on anyone that uses these products 😠