Ban fur product trade

REVELATIONS of harrowing conditions, skinning and killing methods in the animal fur trade, has resulted in Canterbury Bankstown councillors unanimously agreeing to block the sale of fur, fur products and exotic skins on council grounds.

Councillor Clare Raffan also moved the motion that residents and businesses be enabled to report the suspected sale of illegal animal products as well as writing to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton calling for the introduction of random forensic testing of imported ‘fake’ fur products.
Also requesting the establishment of a fur task force to assess the size and impact of the practice, Ms Raffan said forensic testing on products labelled as synthetic fur, including clothing and plush toys sold at markets in Melbourne, showed they were produced using racoon and racoon dog fur – animals known to be mistreated in fur harvesting facilities in China where there are no animal welfare laws.
Animals in the fur trade are killed by painful gassing, anal or vaginal electrocution, have their necks broken, are bludgeoned and sometimes they are even skinned alive.
“These products are falsely labelled as ‘fake fur’,” Ms Raffan said.
“We needed something in place to check our local products; we don’t want businesses in our LGA to think these products are acceptable.
“We have to be a community with a conscience and make every effort to ensure this is not happening in our city.”